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What are Antique, Heirloom, Period Jewellery and Collectibles?

When discussing older jewellery there are terms that are often used and should be defined.  What is the difference between antique, heirloom or period jewellery?  What are collectibles?

Vintage, Esate, Heirloom Bracelet

Vintage, Estate Bracelet Flickr photo MetalRiot

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Period Jewellery and Circa Dating Antique Jewellery

When appraising antique jewellery it is important that the appraiser circa date the piece.  Circa dating means that the appraiser estimates the date that the piece was produced.   The appraiser can then identify the piece as belonging to a specific period.  How does an appraiser know this?

Antique 18C Brooch

Antique Brooch Flickr Photo by Kotomicreations

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Instruments Used By Gemmologists

Have you ever wondered what tools are used by a gemmologist to identify gemstones?  Most fit in your pocket and help you to identify the gemstones.  But are they good enough to determine if the gemstone is synthetic or has any treatments?

Gemmology Loupe

Loupe Photo by J McKercher

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Canadian Diamonds – How to Buy One

What makes a diamond a Canadian diamond?  What are the Canadian diamond brands?  How do you know if you are buying a Canadian diamond?  What should I ask my retailer to ensure that I have a Canadian Diamond?

Canadian Dimaond Ring

Canadian Diamond Ring Flickr photo by mnlamberson

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