Canadian Gemmological Open House November 16th, 2016

September is the time to start a new course?  Why not consider taking a gemmology class this fall?

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Canadian Gemmological Association

If you missed our recent open house then you are invited to call or email the Canadian Gemmological Association. Drop by to meet our staff and see what our classroom offers.

You are invited to attend our next open house in the CGA classroom at 55 Queen Street East in the Lower Concourse level.

Come to an OPEN HOUSE in our downtown Toronto classroom!

Wednesday November  16th, 2016, 5:30 pm – 6:45 pm

Lower Concourse, 55 Queen Street East, Toronto, ON M5C 1R6

Learn about full-time day or part-time evening courses in Toronto

  • Discover the internal world of gemstones through a microscope
  • Try out the instruments used for gem identification
  • Share your passion for gems with CGA faculty and CGA members

If you are unable to make it to this year’s Open House, please contact us to book an appointment to learn more about our courses.

The CGA’s courses provide essential professional training to the gem and jewellery trade. For the new-entrant, the trade veteran or the hobbyist, the more you know, the more you’ll appreciate this fascinating field. In addition to our professional gemmology programs, the CGA also offers general interest classes and advanced courses.

Fall 2016 Vocational Programs

Gemmology Accelerated Program – Daytime1

September 6/16 to December 22/16  ALSO February 6/17 to May 25/17
(We register only 9 students for each session.)
The course runs twice a year.
4 days/week (Mon-Thurs) Learn more…

Jewellery Associate – Gemmology Specialist2

Tuesday evenings 6pm to 9pm (one night a week)
September 20/16 to May 16/17 (This is the first year of a two year evening program)
The second year of the two year evening program (Gemmology Program1) requires two nights a week – Mondays & Thursdays – Sept 2017 to May 2018. Learn more…
1Qualifies the successful student to write the CGA’s Fellowship examinations upon successful completion.
2Qualifies the successful student to write the CGA’s examinations for the preliminary Certificate in Gemmology

Study in Toronto, Vancouver or California!

You can attend the Canadian Gemmological Association’s Professional Gemmology courses in three locations:

General Interest Gemmology and Jewellery Classes

General interest courses are for persons who want to learn more about gems without undertaking professional training.  Pre-registration is required for these classes.  These classes are offered in Toronto only.

  • Gem Appreciation – This is a 1-day, 5-hour general interest course designed to widen the knowledge of anyone interested in gems. It is particularly recommended for the consumer who wishes to make informed decisions when purchasing fine gemstones and gem-set jewellery, excluding diamonds.
  • Practical Gem Identification – This 10-hour, 2 day course, stresses the “how to” of gem identification and is the follow-up to Gem Appreciation. Learning basic instrumentation will show you how a gemmologist can distinguish between natural, synthetic and imitation gems found in modern and antique jewellery. Gem testing instruments are provided, but students should have their own pocket instruments (loupe, tweezers). We sell gemmological instruments.
  • Talking Diamonds – This 5-hour seminar cuts through the industry jargon and provides practical, easy-to-understand information about diamonds. It is intended for the first-time purchaser, or anyone interested in learning more about these fascinating gems.
  • Pearl Stringing – This 3-hour workshop provides hands-on experience in stringing pearls and beads, thus allowing you to make your own beautiful jewellery. There is a small additional cost for materials (silk thread, clasp) payable to the course instructor.
  • NEW! Diamond & Diamond Imitations – This two-day workshop will benefit anyone who wants to be able to identify diamond simulants. This course is recommended for  gem trade professionals, gemmology students and enthusiasts alike. Students will learn the skills to recognize the physical and optical properties of diamonds, synthetic diamonds and diamonds imitations. Learn to use gemmological instruments used to distinguish between and identify diamond, synthetic diamond and imitations of diamonds such as cubic zirconia, synthetic moissanite, strontium titanate and synthetic spinel.
  • Individual lectures are also available on Tiaras, History of the Ring and a variety of other gemmology and jewellery topics.

Learn more…

Advanced Courses in Gemology

The CGA’s advanced courses are designed for trade professionals who have a professional gemmology diploma or are current gemmology students.  Pre-registration is required for these courses.

Flame Fusion Synthetic Ruby Curved Striations

Curved Striations Photo by J. McKercher

    • Sophisticated Synthetics and Gemstone Enhancements– Bring your knowledge of the important gemstones up to date! Emeralds, sapphires, rubies and diamonds are valuable gems for which many simulants and synthetic counterparts exist, and which are frequently enhanced.The primary focus of these workshops is on the nature and occurrence of inclusions within the various “sophisticated” synthetics, and the detection of new methods of enhancement. Participants will have a chance to practice the various techniques and tips provided for distinguishing naturals from synthetics and for detecting enhancements using gemmological equipment.
  • Coloured Gemstone Grading and Evaluation– This three-day workshop will benefit gem trade professionals, gemmology students and enthusiasts alike. Students will learn the skills to accurately grade and value coloured gemstones. Emphasis on hands-on practice with a variety of gems of different quality will provide students with the knowledge to become confident buyers and sellers in the rapidly growing coloured stone market.

Learn more…

Learn Canadian Professional Diamond Grading

Diamond Ring

Photo by J McKercher

This an intensive, hands-on course which will provide knowledge and skill in the grading of colourless, round brilliant cut diamonds. Please note: this course focuses on the diamond grading process, not the identification of diamond and/or its simulants. All necessary major equipment is provided, but students should bring their own pocket instruments (which are available at reasonable cost on-site). Required course textbook may be purchased separately. Class size is limited to a maximum of 8 students.

Prerequisites: None – Suggested preparation would be the one day Talking Diamonds class and the Diamond & Diamond Imitations (hands on identification of colourless diamond imitations).

Learn more…

NEW! Master Valuer Jewellery Appraisal Program,  Starting August 2016!

Coral ring

Photo by J. McKercher

Appraisal course syllabus

Types of Appraisals
Evaluation Approaches
Valuation Levels
Receiving Procedures
Metal Testing
Receipt Procedures
Accurate Descriptions and costing
Worksheets and Documentation
Sources of Information
Colour and Cut (make) grading of Coloured stones
Briefly watches-
Unusual Stones
Vintage or Antique Jewellery

The Master Valuer designation is recognized by the Canadian Jewelers Association as fulfilling their appraisal educational requirements to enable their members to be awarded the Accredited Appraiser (AAP) designation. In order to obtain your registered master valuer accreditation you must obtain a a recognized gemmological credential (e.g., FCGmA, FGA, FGAA, GG, etc.).  Contact the administrative office at 647-466-2436 or for details.  Learn more…

Professional Vocational Gemmologist Courses

Inclusion in Peridot

Peridot Inclusion

For over 57 years, the CGA has offered professional gemmological training in Canada, preparing students to earn the internationally recognized Diploma in Gemmology, and Fellowship with the CGA (FCGmA).

This professional course can be taken two different ways:

Evening Classes over two years – once a week for the first year and twice a week during the second year.

Daytime Accelerated Program – a 16 week intensive course on Mondays to Thursdays from 10am to 4pm, starting in September or February.

Learn more about professional gemmologist courses…

The Canadian Gemmological Association is Canada’s professional organization for the practice of gemmology. The Canadian Gemmological Association website contains information about the organization, including information on courses, membership, meeting times, annual Gem Conferences and more.  Contact the administrative office at 647-466-2436 or for details.

CGA GEmmology Classroom

CGA Gemmological Classroom

About Jen McKercher

A passion for gemstones drives Jen to learn as much as she can about the wonders of gemstones and how they enhance our lives. Jennifer McKercher taught gemmology at the Canadian Gemmological Association.

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