World’s Largest Cut Emerald to be Sold

Next week a rare gems dealer from Calgary, Alberta is set to sell what is being called the world’s largest cut emerald.  Is it truly an emerald or is it a beryl (like emerald) that was colourless and has been dyed green?

57,500 carat Cut Emerald?

Worlds Largest Cut Emerald?

Just How Big is This Supposed Emerald?

This huge gemstone is described as a commercial-quality, 57,500-carat huge emerald mined in Brazil and was purchased on Ebay from a dealer in India.

Regan Reaney, a rare gems dealer from Calgary, said he purchased the stone from a dealer in India. After seeing some photos and having somebody in India verify it was “the real deal,” he purchased it through email, he said. He refused to disclose the purchase price or the name of the dealer.

Since Reany has had the stone he has had it examined by three gemmologists who have all agree that it is a treated emerald.  Most natural emeralds are treated to improve their appearance and durability. This stone has been appraised at $1.15 million and is called Teodora which means “Gift from God”.

Regan Reaney and world's largest emerald

Photo Largest Emerald Gavin Young, Calgary Herald

How do we Test to See if the Gemstone Really is a Large Emerald?

Jeff Nechka, founder of Premier Gems in Calgary, who has examine the stone said that he was able to determine that the stone was a beryl that had been dyed green and clarity-enhanced through fracture filling.  The stone’s uneven tone, coupled with the fact that its inclusions are similar to what is found in an emerald formation, led him to determine it was an emerald.

He agrees that to be 100 percent certain they would have to conduct “destructive testing”.  This would involve taking off a piece to examine the inside of the stone.

When is it a Dyed Green Beryl or an Emerald Enhanced by Green Dye?

Shane McClure, director of West Coast identification services for the Gemological Institute of America’s laboratory, said  the GIA avoids classifying dyed beryl as a particular gemstone in all cases. If the GIA were to examine this gemstone and determine it was dyed, it would be noted on the grading report, along with this comment: “The presence of dye prevents determining whether or not the stone would have sufficient depth of color to be considered emerald.” He adds that the lab would only include this comment if it could determine there was some natural green coloration present.

Another gemologist told The Calgary Herald that he bought a 23,000-carat “emerald” from the same dealer who sold Reaney the 57,500-carat gem.  Later the GIA later determined that it was a piece of dyed white beryl. He also said he saw the big emerald for sale on eBay shortly before Reaney purchased it.

Reaney has invited the GIA to come to Calgary to examine to stone that will go up for auction in Kelowna, BC later this month.

Calgary Herald Video showing the 57,500 Carat Emerald, Teodora

Should You Purchase Huge Emerald or Any Gemstone on the Internet?

Do you know what you are purchasing on the internet?  Do you know a gemmologist who can verify a stone’s identity? Can you return it if it is not as described?

I have purchased many loose stones on Ebay.  I have always been satisfied because I pay so little that whatever arrives will be worth studying to determine what it was that was actually sent.  One time I paid $1 (plus) three dollars shipping for what was described as a natural red spinel.  It turns out that it was an almandine garnet with an incredible textbook spectrum using my spectroscope.  I am happy to be able to share this stone with my students.

Your Input

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57,500 carat Cut Emerald?

Worlds Largest Cut Emerald?

I have introduced different gemstones alphabetically.  I started with “A” (Ammolite) and it has taken me to Malachite!  Leave a comment and let me know if you have a favourite gemstone that starts with the letter “p”.  Take the poll!  Can you name a reference to a gemstone in a song, movie or book?


About Jen McKercher

Jennifer McKercher teaches gemmology at the Canadian Gemmological Association. A passion for gemstones drives Jen to learn as much as she can about the wonders of gemstones and how they enhance our lives.

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  1. Its called dyed white beryl. It’s for sale all over ebay. There are thousands of large stones for sale on ebay and all of them say they are the worlds largest. Just go type worlds biggest emerald on ebay and see what you get! All with the same story, mined in Brazil and dyed and cut in India and all have so called certificates of authenticity from gemologists. If they were real emeralds they would not be selling on ebay for hundreds of dollars. If anyone pays more than $100 for this stone they are pretty stupid when they can go on ebay and buy the same thing for a few hundred dollars! Experts have confirmed there is no way to tell the original colour because of the dye. Any gemologist who says its authentic is only guessing that it was green to begin with. Experts at GIA say there is no way to tell because of the dye. BUYER BEWARE!

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