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Metals Used in Jewellery – Which is Best for You?

Pure gold or fine gold is 24 Karat.  What does 14K mean?   What is gold filled, gold-plated and rolled gold?  Why is sterling silver called 925?  What metals are part of the platinum group?

Gold and Silver Bars

Gold & Silver Flickr Photo by digitalmoneyworld

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Nephrite – The Inexpensive Tough Cousin of Jadeite Jade

Nephrite and Jadeite are both called jade, but they are completely different mineralogically.  Most North Americans are picturing  jadeite when they say the word “Jade”.  Yet nephrite can be found in both the United States and Canada and is more common than jadeite.

Nephrite Elephant Carving by Carl Faberge

Flickr Photo by B Tse

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How Can Traditional Jewelry Stores Make Changes to Survive?

The traditional jewellery industry must make changes if it is to succeed in the future.   According to Unity’s Jewellery Report for 2011, more money is being spent on jewellery, more people are buying jewellery, but overall each person is spending less.  How can the consumer be enticed to spend their money on jewellery?

Pendant Count Rushmore

Flickr Photo by Count Rushmore

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Malachite – a Banded Botryoidal Ornamental Gem

Malachite is a banded gemstone with alternating dark and light shades of green.  Malachite’s name is derived from the Greek adjective malakos, meaning soft, delicate, charming and sweet.  Each specimen is unique!

Botryoidal Malachite

Malachite Photo by J McKercher

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