Canadian Diamonds – How to Buy One

What makes a diamond a Canadian diamond?  What are the Canadian diamond brands?  How do you know if you are buying a Canadian diamond?  What should I ask my retailer to ensure that I have a Canadian Diamond?

Canadian Dimaond Ring

Canadian Diamond Ring Flickr photo by mnlamberson

What is a Canadian Diamond?

A diamond that was mined in Canada and may be cut and polished in Canada or abroad.

What Should I Ask For If I Want To Buy A Canadian Diamond?

A polished diamond certificate/report and an invoice which contains the following information:

  • the polished diamond description
  • a unique Diamond Identification Number (DIN);
  • a statement of certification that the polished diamond(s) is of Canadian origin and address of the issuer of the certificate/report;
  • the retailer’s return policy;
  • the date of purchase; and
  • the name and address of the retailer

Canadian Diamond mining at the Diavik Diamond Mine in the Northwest Territories in northern Canada.

What are Some Canadian Diamond Brands?

Canadian Diamond brands include  Accudiam Inc. (Arctic Glaciers), Amadena LLC, Basil Diamond, Snowflake Canadian Diamonds, The Caprice B & S (Canada) Inc., Diaco Inc. (Canada Goose Diamond), Diamond Gallery, Canadian Diamonds by Columbia Libman & Co., Corona Jewellery (Maple Leaf Diamonds), Flanders Collection – Trust Mark of Canada Gee N’ Gee Importers, Inuit Ice Canadian Diamonds, Pole Star Diamonds Gee N’ Gee Importers,  J.S.N. Jewellery Inc. (Canadian Ice), Vandan Associates Inc., Maximum Brilliance Canadian Diamonds, Carat Smart Canadian Diamonds, Divine Canadian Diamond.

Certified Diamond Gallery Trademark

Diamond Gallery Trademark

Sometimes only a DIN (diamond information number) is laser etched on the girdle, sometimes a trademark will also be found.  This photo shows the inscription on the girdle of a Canadian diamond sold by Diamond Gallery in Winnipeg.

Diamond Gallery

“We have become a rare Canadian jeweller to put our trade mark on both the Canadian mined diamond and on our Canadian crafted designs.”

Why is There is a Serial Number Laser Etched on the Girdle of My Diamond?

  • A diamond with a serial number laser etched on the girdle means that one can verify the details of this diamond with a certificate bearing the same number
  • If a customer chooses a loose diamond to be set in their new or existing jewellery, they can verify that the loose diamond they chose is the actual diamond to be set in their new jewellery,
  • If repairs are ever done to a customer’s diamond jewellery, the customer will know how to verify that their diamond still remains in the jewellery

How Do I Know if I am Buying A Canadian Diamond?

For more information about Canadian diamonds and consumer information see the Canadian Diamond Code of Conduct.  Diamond retailers who are Code members should display in their store an official sign certifying their annual membership.  A sample of this sign can be seen on the Canadian Diamond Code of Conduct website.

Sad News About Polar Bear Diamonds

Canadian Diamond with Polar Bear Trademark

Canadian Diamond Flickr photo by mnlamberson

Some of the most easily recognised Canadian diamonds come from the Northwest Territories and have a small polar bear etched on the girdle of the diamond along with a DIN (diamond identification number).  The two companies that were given permission to use the trademark have gone into receivership and the trademark has not been used since October 2010.  The territorial government owns the rights to the trademark.  The trademark’s future is before the courts.  Due to the extinction of the laser etched polar bear these diamond have gone up 10% in the last two years!  Happy hunting!

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About Jen McKercher

Jennifer McKercher teaches gemmology at the Canadian Gemmological Association. A passion for gemstones drives Jen to learn as much as she can about the wonders of gemstones and how they enhance our lives.

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