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Gemmology Courses at the Canadian Gemmological Association

Have you ever wanted to study gemmology?  Are you interested in upgrading your skills?  Consider the courses offered by the Canadian Gemmological Association.

Canadian Gemmological Association 50th Logo

Canadian Gemmological Association

Start studying by distance education now or plan your in-class courses for 2012.  Please visit the Canadian Gemmological Association website or contact the office 647-466-2436 for new upcoming courses and registration information.

Jet – Mourning the Popularity of this Organic Gemstone

Jet is an organic gemstone that was made popular by Queen Victoria and is mainly found in Whitby, England.  This black opaque gemstone is used mainly for mourning jewellery.  Who would image that something made of approximately 75% carbon, hydrogen, oxygen and sulphur would have been a popular gemstone for jewellery!

Victorian Jet Brooch

Flickr Photo by Nic_Hallford

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Canadian Diamonds – How to Buy One

What makes a diamond a Canadian diamond?  What are the Canadian diamond brands?  How do you know if you are buying a Canadian diamond?  What should I ask my retailer to ensure that I have a Canadian Diamond?

Canadian Dimaond Ring

Canadian Diamond Ring Flickr photo by mnlamberson

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Iolite – A gemstone that is not just for Vikings!

Iolite is a beautiful blue gemstone that is affordable and durable.   Iolite has gone out of fashion, but is a  stone worth investigating!  The vikings had a use for iolite and I think today it is undervalued for its use in jewellery.

iolite Gemstone

Flickr photo by -Merce-

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Cornelius S. Hurlbut Jr. – Poems by a Wonderful Gemologist

Gemmology is a science, but gemmologists can be artistic in many ways. Cornelius S. Hurlbut, Professor Emeritus at Harvard, shared his poems about crystallography and gemstones.  How many poems do you know that use words such as prism, pinacoid and dome?

Crystal Atoms

Photo by J McKercher

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